Dueling Pianos

The Ring Masters !

The piano players run the show! They get people clapping, laughing and singing!

Who's a Fan?

Not only is this the newest craze in nightclub entertainment, but this concept is especially great for receptions, holiday parties and corporate events.

Since the late ’80s, the dueling piano format has been wildly successful throughout the US and beyond. Its success is a unique form of live entertainment that directly engages the crowd with music and comedy, unlike anything else!

The MAJOR Group will help you turn your existing nightclub or venue into a dueling pianos destination. We can also work with you from inception to create a new dueling piano venue. We have the expertise to set up your stage with the proper equipment, design the layout and create an atmosphere to maximize your return on investment. We will also show you how to avoid well intentioned but fatal mistakes, so that your business succeeds from the very start.

Get a real sense of the popularity and excitement of Dueling Pianos !

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